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Friday, January 8, 2010

Juice Box Decor

I just saw these unique desk accessories from CB2 on a blog I frequent, My Mom Shops. They are actually made from recycled juice boxes- How fun is that! I think they would be very apropos for a kid's desk, but I think they are quite attractive and would use them for my own desk or kitchen counter. Check them out, they are on sale right now!

Reduce, re-juice, recycle. Juicy job. 100% recycled desk organizers are actually juice boxes shredded, compressed, refreshed. Each hardboard lidded storage box and pencil cup is one of a kind, but the overall color trends coffee/cream with fun bits of bright carton color and type. Water- and moisture-resistant; won't crack, splinter or chip.

100% recycled juice boxes
Each is unique


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