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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Green bag lunch

Whether you are packing a lunch for yourself or your kiddos, you're undoubtedly searching for little containers to stash all of the individual items or are grabbing a ziplock type of bag. Plastic baggies sure are convenient, but are not very reusable and end up in the landfill entirely too quickly. Luckily, many creative and crafty folks are now making reusable bags that are so super cute you won't ever want to pick up a box of plastic baggies again! I haven't tried any yet but am just dying to try these out for storing snacks in the diaper bag. Check out these adorable bags- all of which you can find on one of my favorite handmade sites, etsy.com. Not only will you be saving plastic from hitting the landfill, you'll be saving some money in the long-run and supporting a small business/crafter/artist!

These snack bags ($7.50) in the Groovy Guitar pattern are one of my favorites. From etsy seller Waste Not Saks:
WasteNot's reusable sandwich and snack sacks are convenient to use and are very easily maintained. Our Saks are made with a stylish 100% cotton exterior and are lined with water- and stain-resistant nylon. After using, you may simply shake out the crumbs, turn the bag inside-out and wipe the liner down, or if you have a particularly goopy PB&J that day just toss it in the washing machine and line dry. The sandwich Sak measures 6.5" x 6.5" and is closed using a generous strip of Velcro -- keeping your goodies securely inside.

Each eco-friendly bag is made with a stylish cotton exterior and lined with a water-resistant, FDA approved, food safe nylon. Our items contain no PVC, no Phthalate, no BPA, and no Lead. An added bonus of using nylon is that your food will not come into contact with polyurethane as it would with a PUL liner.

Or check out these little snack bags ($4) from Green Street Bags. I love the fun fabric- perfect for a little girl!

All Green Street's bags are made with 100% designer cotton fabric and lined with water resistant Nylon. The process that our bags are made is also different from others. Green Street Bags are very professional looking which means there are no seams showing (such as velcro). However there is no extra stress on the stitching because the liner and outside fabric are stitched together twice. The Velcro is located down a bit further so that they are easier to grip and pull open. And last but definitely not least, the gusseted Snack Bags are a trademark design to Green Street Bags.
**They contain no BPA, Lead or Phthalates.**
I also love the fold over style of this bag from EcoDitty. $6.79-8.99 for the snack version, $9.49-11.99 for the wich ditty- perfect for a sandwich.

The Cars sandwich bag up above is from seller Bells and Unicorns and would be just PERFECT for my little Cars-loving E.

There are lots of different sellers on Etsy making these reusable bags- the above are just a couple I fell in love with (search "reusable snack bag" and you'll get tons of results and options). The bags are so cute I'm sure you can find lots of other uses for them aside from lunch bag packing! Crayons? Lip glosses? Jewelry? I'm sold. :-)


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