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Friday, January 1, 2010

Did you stock up on diapers today?

You may have read our post a few days ago about the Earth's Best diaper sale at Babies R Us and Toys R Us. Today (Jan 1) through the 3rd the Earth's Best diapers are on sale for $5, no coupon needed (originally $11.99). You can stack this sale with a store coupon found here for $2 off ALL packs of Earth's Best diapers. The coupon expires tomorrow, Jan 2nd 2010, so hurry over. There was also a manufacturer coupon that I was able to use but it looks as though Earth's Best has now pulled that coupon from their website. Let's break it down - the $5 sale price minus the $2 coupon brings one package of diapers to $3! GREAT DEAL! There is a limit of 3 Earth's Best packages per person. I brought my hubby with and we hit 2 stores and I scored 12 packages for $1.50 each (since I was able to use the manufacturers coupon) for a grand total of $24 (with tax). 12 packs of diapers without this deal would have cost me $143.88 before tax! There weren't many sizes left at the stores in my area but I was told that I could purchase whatever sizes were still in stock and exchange them later when their inventory was replenished (with my receipt within 60 days). The store in my area also let me call ahead to put some on hold so I would try that before you head out. Remember, this sale is valid at Babies R Us OR Toys R Us (if the TRU in your area carries these diapers). This sale is also valid online but you will be limited to the 3 packages per customer and you will pay shipping. However, if you can manage to spend $100 online shipping will be free. Remember that this special is over on Jan. 3rd, 2010 so hurry over with your coupon today or tomorrow to stock up!

Did you take advantage of this sale? If so we want to hear about your adventure! Isn't getting such a fantastic deal like this a "high". I am still so thrilled and wish I had more coupons to go get more!

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