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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reusable Nursing Pads

I honestly had no idea what to expect once my milk came in. I had heard horror stories about women finding themselves in public with huge wet circles on their chest. However, I never truly believed these stories. That all changed one morning when T was a few days old and I awoke with gigantic rock hard boobs and in a pool of wetness! When my milk came in boy did it come in! I had what is referred to as over supply and my body didn't correct itself for many months. So yes, I did end up leaking quite a bit.

On the top of my list of necessary breastfeeding items is investing in some quality reusable nursing pads. I tried disposable nursing pads and hated them. I thought they: were horribly uncomfortable, smelled to high heaven when they were 'full' and sitting in the trash can, never stayed in place, and I always felt guilty throwing a set into the trash. I invested in a few different types of reusable pads.

On the top of my don't waste your money list are the
Gerber reusable pads. In my experience they were small, uncomfortable, and didn't absorb anything! I guess these could be okay if you don't really leak and just want the reassurance of coverage if needed. I needed pads that were super absorbent, which the Gerber pads were not. I did find success with the Medela reusable nursing pads. I found that almost all the nursing pads I tried, both reusable and disposable, are not 100% discrete. I felt that the Medela reusable pads became more discrete while I was wearing them. It seemed like they needed to mold to my body. Other brands that I tried never seemed to take my shape. The Medela reusable pads didn't seem to get very good reviews and the biggest complaint was leaking. I never had a issue with leaking when I wore these pads. Recently, when I was browsing the aisles at a local baby superstore I found that they now carry organic reusable nursing pads in the store. SWEET!

Nursing pads are not meant to be worn all day, just as disposables they will need to be changed. In many ways nursing pads are similar to diapers. Nursing pad are designed to wick away the moisture just like diapers. However, many disposable pads are made with poly-acralite, the same chemical found in disposable diapers. The beauty of reusable pads is that they also wick away moisture but with natural fibers. Both types of pads need to be changed just as you change a diaper on your child. If you are a cloth diapering mama who likes the natural aspect of cloth and don't want the chemicals in disposable diapers on your babies heiney why put those same properties on your breasts? If you are a disposable diapering mama why not make your breastfeeding experience a little greener? (Plus, do you really want those chemicals laying against your little one's primary food source)?

A nursing pad that I stumbled upon today when browsing the internet is the super stylish and organic bamboo posh pads (pictured above). I am now in LOVE with these reusable pads and wish I could justify stocking up. I guess I'll have to wait until my next pregnancy. These pads are organic, fashionable, economical, and eco friendly. The absorbent material is made from organic bamboo and the stylish outer fabric is made from organic cotton. Bamboo is a fiber that is naturally antibacterial and is one of the most sustainable resources around. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, deodorizing, does not retain odors, and is biodegradable. I don't think it's possible to get any more eco friendly with your nursing pads than with these posh pads!
"Our POSH Pads are extremely absorbent, but not bulky. They mold to your breasts, unlike contoured pads that may or may not fit you. Our standard size is 4.5 to 5 inches in diameter, but we welcome custom fits as well. Beautiful and so soft, POSH Pads shout comfort! Your doing the best for your baby, now you can do the best for your breasts".
These pads are slightly more expensive at around $45 for a pack of 6 sets or $8.95 for 1 set. With that said, I still think they are worth it. What new mom doesn't deserve to pamper herself with a little style in her breastfeeding accessories? When giving your baby the wonderful gift of breastfeeding why not treat yourself to a little gift too? In honor of World Breastfeeding Week the owners (Robyn and Jessica) of posh pads will be donating a percentage of their sales to www.wellstart.org.

Reusable nursing pads can be just as convenient as disposable pads. The only difference, you throw them in the wash. Reusable pads won't add to your laundry load as they are relatively small. Reusable pads are environmentally friendly as well as budget friendly. Keep in mind that each breastfeeding experience is different. Some people leak very little if at all and may not need nursing pads. Others, like myself, are geysers once our milk comes in!

Tip for leaking when nursing at home: When I first started breastfeeding I hated to watch myself leak from one boob when T was nursing on the opposite side. I was watching my, 'liquid gold' get collected in a nursing pad that would get tossed in the wash. This all changed with a tip from my good friend, A. She suggested that when I nurse T on one boob I hold a pump bottle with the breastshield attached under the other boob. The shield would act as a funnel and would collect what I leaked. I was amazed! At times I would be able to collect upwards of 4 ounces off one side! I am so grateful that she gave me that tip and I was able to save some valuable breastmilk. THANKS A!

Note from Jackie: I just wanted to share my 'leaking' experience since all moms are different. I actually only leaked once or twice once my milk came in, so I never had a need for nursing pads. That said, I was prepared for fountains of milk with a box of unopened disposable pads at home... I just kept the receipt and ended up returning them when I discovered I wouldn't need them. I think it is a good idea to have some ready to go so you're not running to the store trying to find them (or sending your husband to find them- good luck!)- just keep the receipt and make sure you can return them in case you don't need them.

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  1. after trying lots of disposable nursing pads, reusable washable and the lily padz - i found that the johnson and johnson disposable pads were the most comfortable, stayed in place the best, didn't leak or smell...i was not as fortunate as you girls were.

    one of my friends pointed out it was because i am smaller so i had less room to store milk...i am not sure why i leaked more, but if there was a way i could be more green about my nursing pads i would have. the disposable ones just worked the best. good luck to everyone out there. definitely suggest to have a box at hand and some lasinoh nipple cream for new moms. there are also nipple shields that helped my friends out a lot.