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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Breastfeeding Stool. No, not that kind of stool. ;)

Ok, World Breastfeeding Week may be over, but I have another quick review of another nursing accessory. I bought the Medela nursing stool on a whim. Ya know, the kind of whim where you have one of those $5 off a $25 purchase at BabiesRUs, but can't figure out what you need? Well, this was while I was still pregnant and I thought it seemed like a good idea, and if I didn't actually use it for nursing, I have short legs... it might make TV watching on my couch more comfy.

I have to say, while it totally not a necessity, it DOES make nursing and even just sitting in the rocking chair or on the couch a whole lot more comfy! This could have something to do with my smaller stature (my feet don't touch the ground when I sit all the way back on the couch) but there IS something to this whole stool thing... A couple of weeks ago when I was having my hair cut and colored, I was offered a stool to prop my feet up on as I sat in the heat chair. I said, "Absolutely!" I looked at everyone else in the room sans-stool with pity. If they only knew!

For breastfeeding, I think it really helps your posture as it lifts your legs up a bit and allows you to have the baby lifted up more without having to lean towards your baby and killing your back. If I don't have the nursing stool handy, I have to sit on the couch or bed cross-legged to get myself in position that doesn't kill my back. Of course, you also don't have to buy the specific slanted nursing stool that Medela and others make, you could just purchase a small step stool that can later be put to use in the bathroom for your little kiddo to reach the sink. I love things with multiple uses and that certainly would be put to good use in the future, but I think there just may be something to the angle of the Medela stool- I am sure it is a little more natural. Skeptical? Read all of the rave reviews on amazon.com.

For all you breastfeeding moms out there- what are your thoughts on nursing stools-Did you use one?


  1. Not only did I not use a stool, but with four kids I sometimes found myself nursing one-handed while wandering around helping the other kids!

    A stool would have been a great idea, although I think it might have been claimed by one of my other little ones to sit on, lol!

  2. Crazy Legs- LOL! That is so funny, I'm sure it will all change once I have more than 1 kiddo on my hands!