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Friday, June 12, 2009

Crib Rail Cover

When my son began teething I did not consider that I would need to protect his beautiful convertible crib from his sharp little teeth. Nor did I think I would need to protect my little guy from the chemically treated wood used to make his crib. About 3 months ago I put T down for his morning nap. I heard what I thought was T playing before he fell asleep, but I didn't hear anything that was cause for concern. When he woke from his nap I noticed he had little brown flecks on his face. My first thought was that I had done a horrible job wiping his face after breakfast. Upon further inspection I decided the flecks had nothing to do with leftover breakfast crusted on his face. So, I went to investigate his crib. GASP! The gorgeous crib, a gift from T's grandparents, had scratches all over. My son had gnawed all up and down the whole front rail. Of course I was concerned about the crib, but my primary concern was that if this continued T would be ingesting all sorts of nasty chemicals. I immediately began my quest for a rail cover that would be large enough to cover the front rail of the convertible crib. I didn't have much hope that I would find anything since the front crib rail is exceptionally thick compared to other cribs. Then I found the Leachco brand, offering a variety of rail covers, including an organic cover for convertible cribs. Even though the product description states the dimensions and lists an XL size I was still skeptical that this cover would fit my crib. I ordered it anyways in hopes that it would be exactly what I was looking for. The 3 days that it took to arrive felt like an eternity. I was terrified that the beautiful crib would be gnawed to pieces by my 9 month old. When it arrived I held my breath as I secured it to the crib. Voila, it fit! It secures with velcro straps so there is absolutely no damage that it can do to your crib. It also has velcro straps so you can secure your child's favorite teething toys. I am thrilled that my son can now soothe his gums on a soft padded, 100 % organic cotton cover rather than chemically treated wood. In my opinion, this is a must have BEFORE your little one begins teething.

(Photo - The photo above is of the actual rail cover being used in T's nursery. The paintings in the background were created by a very talented friend, Heather Torkelson. They were designed to match the bedding in T's nursery and they are perfect!)


  1. I'll have to get this for the new baby. C only chewed his a couple times, but it enough that we plan to take the foot board to a funisher guy to be touched up before we use it as a full bed.

  2. Be careful with this brand. Although the cotton cover is organic, the foam inside is not and the organic cover is soaked in flame retardant chemicals per California law.