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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boikido Push and Play Rabbit Wagon

For Easter, we decided to get little E a push toy, as he was just about to start crawling and loved walking with the assistance of us. We thought a push toy he could walk behind would be just the fun he was looking for. After researching the options out there and discussing with fellow greenie about what her son had and liked/didn't like, I decided to go with the Boikido Push and Play Rabbit Wagon despite never seeing it in person. It was just too perfect for an Easter gift with its pastel colors and rabbit theme and served as E's easter basket as well, as the inside of the wagon was plenty big to put all of his other Easter goodies.

I ordered the wagon online and it arrived in a surprisingly small package... this was going to require quite a bit of assembly! However, the assembly was a breeze; if you have ever assembled furniture from IKEA, as I spent most of my college years doing, you'll have this thing together in no time. ;) The wagon is made of wood and painted with plant-based paints, all tested to meet European and US safety standards. I prefer the toys I purchase to meet European standards, since they seem to be much more cautious and stringent than US in general, so this toy fit the bill. The wagon has two maze toys on each larger side of the wagon that has entertained E on many occasions and push handle on the wagon is a perfect height and E can pull up on the wagon without tipping it over. The actual wagon compartment is great for storing toys and keeps E entertained because it is just his size to put toys in and remove as his leisure. HE also fits quite well in the wagon part and I have given him many rides around the family room in it, much to his glee.

Boikido is a French company and their toys are similar in style to the much more expensive HABA toys. I had read reviews that the paint on this wagon chipped easily, but I see no chips on the wagon yet and my son likes to take his wooden rhythm sticks and whack the wagon for fun (well, anything in sight, really). The quality may not match HABA toys, but I can assure you they are a great, affordable alternative. The Boikido Push and Play Rabbit Wagon retails for about $54.99, while HABA alternatives retail for $154.99 and UP! Boikido toys (at least some) also boast that they are eco-friendly, but their website is not working for me, so I'm unable to confirm which toys are eco-friendly. But I have found that the eco-friendly aspect is that they are decorated with plant-based paints and made from wood that is from a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) monitored source.

I think this push toy is great because it is cute, functional, AND will keep E entertained for the long haul. The quality is superb and I know it'll be around for E's little brother or sister, whenever they arrive.

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  1. Thank you for this indepth review. It helped me make a "buy" decision for my granddaughter's 1st birthday.