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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Buy One Get One FREE Nursing Cover!

I am thrilled to share this offer with you!  Bebe Au Lait makes fabulous and super stylish nursing covers.  They are currently offering a buy one get one free promotion.  That's a $35 value!  I took advantage of this same offer last year and got two beautiful covers.  I already had a cover but it was on the small side and T would often try to peak out from under the cover when nursing.  Call me modest, but I'd rather have a little privacy when nursing in public. Jackie, fellow greenie, raved about her Bebe Au Lait cover so when she told me about this offer last year I didn't need any convincing!  My plan was to order one cover for myself and give the free "mystery" cover as a gift.  However, I loved both the patterns so much I kept BOTH!  What I love about the Bebe Au Lait nursing covers is that they are longer and wider than most covers. I was able to tuck the bottom of this cover under T when he was nursing.  That put a stop to T trying to flash me to everyone in public.  This cover has a strap that goes over your head so the cover stays in place, no need to adjust like when covering yourself up with a small blanket.  There is also a rigid neckline which allows you to peak down at your little when without risking exposure! This promotion ends June 22nd at midnight and supplies are limited.  With this deal you pick the first cover and they send you a freebie "mystery cover".  That means, you have no idea which cover the freebie will be.  However, no need to worry, all their covers are beautiful!  In order to get this deal purchase any Bebe au lait, Hooter Hiders, or Simple nursing cover and use the coupon code MYSTERY09 at checkout.  A mystery cover will be added to your order and you will receive 2 covers in your shipment, the cover you pick and the mystery cover that is picked for you!  I already have 3 covers but am tempted to get more for gifts!  


  1. I definitely second this recommendation. I ADORE my bebe au lait nursing covers!

  2. This is fantastic, thanks!!
    PS - you ladies are bad for my wallet.