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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deal A Day Sites

Deal A Day sites are my new obsession!  I have decided to compile a list of the deal a day sites that I frequent so you can also benefit from the sweet deals.  All of these sites have great bargains, often times at least 50% off or greater!  I have probably shelled out too much cash on these sites already but I have a hard time passing up great deals.  Often times these are rock bottom prices that you won't find anywhere else!  I have stocked up on lots of great gifts and items that I love but would never pay full price for!

If you read the review that the greenies did of Mama Bargains, you already know how much we love it!  This site features more than one great deal a day.  One item is sold at a time and when that item sells out a new bargain appears.  A new item will also appear if an item has not sold in an hour or if the item has reached it's time limit (which I believe is 18 hours). This site will keep your index finger busy with hitting your computer's refresh key!

Are you interested in saving a little green while being eco-conscious?   If so, Green Baby Bargains is for you!  Green Baby Bargains features one deal a day and all items have a "green factor".   

Baby Steals features one deal a day and when it's gone it's gone! They have featured a variety of items from slings - to shoes - to super soft blankies - and nursery bedding!

I was just introduced to True Cuddles.  This is a one deal a week site.  They feature a new deal every Monday.  When that product is sold out you will have to wait until the following week for a new item.  This week the deal is a super cute organic stuffed miYim sleepy time bear.  My son, T, has a miYim stuffed animal and I highly recommend them!   

For those of you with older kiddos Mock Star Baby be right up your alley!  It seems as though most of the items here are geared for older children.  Recently they have featured fantastic deals on winter coats and snow pants.  What a great way to stock up for the next winter season and save!  

Tottlers features one item at a time and when it's gone it's gone! You won't want to wait too long making up your mind, the item might sell out and you may not see it again! Tottlers has featured the Boon Animal Bag a few times but I've always missed it. I am dying to get my hands on a Boon (but only for a great price)!

The last thing I needed was a new deal a day site!  Baby Half Off is brand spanking new.  It launched on June 15th.  I am in love with one of the first deals.  The Amy Kathryn Diaper Bag retails for $120 but Baby Half Off is selling it for $44.50!  What a steal.  It is taking me a tremendous amount of self-control to not order it. This site features two deals at a time. When the two deals featured sell out two new deals will appear!  

Baby Earth will definitely keep you on your toes!  This site offers gaga deals, which are new items every hour (Monday - Friday 9am and 5pm CST).  You pick the price you are willing to pay! An item will start out at full price and as the hour ticks away the price gets lower and lower. I have seen items go for less than $1!  There is a limited inventory on these items, sometimes only one, so when the screen ticks down to what you are willing to pay snag that deal!  

Happy shopping...AND saving!  

Update:  As of 6-26-09, It appears as though the Baby Half Off site is closing.  


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