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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nature's Purest Organic Bouncer

If there is one baby gear item I could not live without, it would be a bouncy seat! I have the Nature's Purest Organic Bouncer as pictured above and this thing has gotten more use than any other baby item I have. The design is simple, but don't let that fool you- this thing has calmed down little E at his crankiest, screaming bloody murder moments! The vibration is key and I sometimes use the vibration plus a light bounce (using my finger or foot to tap the frame) to calm down my little man. I STILL use this bouncer, despite it not necessarily being designed for an active 10 month old.

The fabric is organic and soft, the design is subtle and neutral. The fabric cover has held up well to over 10 months of use and it has gone through the washing machine a few times as well. My only gripe with it is the toy bar comes off very easily... my solution- just remove the silly thing! I definitely use this chair as a soother not as play-time seating, so the toys were more of a distraction and annoyance than anything else.

Unfortunately, I don't see this listed on Babies R Us any more (where I purchased), but they do have some of the other Nature's Purest collection in this fabric on sale/clearance online and in store. It also appears Summer Infant (the manufacturer) still makes the Nature's Purest collection, but in a new fabric (still neutral and tasteful), so hopefully they'll continue making this bouncy seat. But, in general, if you are preggo and debating on whether or not to get a bouncy seat, I think it is a great purchase- they are inexpensive, can be easily moved around the house, and can be a lifesaver when your little one is inconsolable at 3am!

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