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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Freebie Alert!

Are you trying to conceive or know someone who is trying? Sacred Heart Mission is offering 10 free ovulation predictor kits or pregnancy tests! This is a totally free offer, no shipping charge and no credit card required...just tell Sacred Heart Mission where you want your test kits sent. You can request any combo of OPK's or HPT's with a total quantity of 10. SO, 5 OPK's and 5 HPT's, or 10 OPK's, or 8 OPK's and 2 HPT's...I think you get the point. If you have ever purchased an ovulation test or a home pregnancy test you know these are not cheap. This is definitely an offer worth jumping on! This offer is only good while supplies last so you may want to hurry. (limit 10 per household)


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