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Monday, November 23, 2009

Why it's important to keep your child rear facing...

I stumbled upon Joel's Journey when perusing Mama Dweebs blog. Joel's Journey provides some great information on why remaining rear facing in a car seat is safer. Joel was 18 months old and 33 pounds at the time of the front impact car accident that injured him. At 18 months and 33 pounds Joel was sitting forward facing in his car seat as he was well over the 12 month AND 20 pound minimum requirement. Joel broke his neck in the accident. For a great, although incredibly scary visual, watch the video link created by Joel's grandfather. The video will demonstrate the difference in impact that a forward facing child will experience vs. a rear facing child. Take some time to read through all the links on Joel's Journey, they are incredibly educational. The AAP now recommends that children should be rear facing in their car seats until at least two years of age.


  1. Thank you for posting this! I had a friend tell me she turned her 10 month old son front facing because he legs were too long. I'm sorry, but not only does a 10 month old not care about bending his legs (aren't they like that all the time when he crawls?) but isn't a bent leg better than a broken neck?

    Great post! I hope the word gets out that front facing as soon as possible just isn't the best idea :)

  2. Great post! People thought I was crazy for keeping C rearfacing until he was two and over 30 lbs., but I say safety over comfort any day!