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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Visit your public library!

Have you paid a visit to your local public library recently? Before I had my son I never visited the library much. I had no idea how much they offer! A few months before T was born I was driving by the library and I noticed a sign for the library's used book sale. I thought I would stop in and see what it was about. Wow, am I a sucker for a good deal, I came out carrying more books than I knew what to do with! I had an amazing book collection started for T when he was still in utero. I spent less than $30 on well over 100 books. Needless to say I was so excited with my book finds that I went back the second day of the sale for even better deals! My local library offers a special on the last day of their sale (for children's books at least) that allows you to stuff a paper grocery bag for a total of $5! Not only did I start a great library for my son, I saved a ton of money, and stayed green by purchasing previously loved books. After this first used book sale I became hooked on my local library.

After T was born I started checking out books like crazy. I also convinced my husband to cancel our Blockbuster by mail membership because we can check out movies at the library for free! I also began attending all the free classes the library offered. Some classes have included baby and toddler story time, baby music time, infant sign language classes. I can't believe I hadn't frequented the library more often. I live down the street but had hardly taken advantage of all they offered. My new obsession with the public library has also saved my quite a bit of money since the majority of their services are free of charge (with the exception of the occasional late fee).

If you haven't been to your public library recently pay them a visit. Most, if not all, public libraries have a website. Spend some time perusing the site to see how they can benefit you. I highly, highly recommend taking advantage of their used book sales. I can't imagine what the books would have cost me to purchase them new. Plus, if T gets a little creative and colors or tears a page it won't eat me up knowing that a new and expensive book has been destroyed.

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  1. Our library has a toddler story time we go to once a week and love it! Doreen Cronin author of "click clack moo cows that type" came and read her book in person! It was such an amazing experience!! I love our library - great post!