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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Franklin Goose - Earn $5 store credit for each review you write!

Franklin Goose released this promo last week and it's a FANTASTIC deal! Visit the Franklin Goose website and write legitimate reviews on products they carry. For each review you write you will earn a $5 store credit and there is NO limit! Obviously, the reviews are supposed to be of products you own, have used, or have experience with. Franklin Goose is an online store that offers organic, natural, and eco friendly baby/child products. I have been working on my reviews for awhile now and am honestly a little embarrassed by the number of products that we own or have experience with! This is a great way for the company to get their name out there and to promote their site. The Franklin Goose blog stated that they would rather offer credits to potential customer rather than to pay for advertising. If you ask me this was a genius idea! There are now tons of people who know their name and can probably name a number of items they carry! Here's what you have to do -
1. Visit the Franklin Goose site
2. Register for an account (you will see the option in the upper right hand corner of the screen)
3. Begin browsing the items
4. When you see an item you can write a legitimate review on click the 'Add Your Thoughts' link
5. Write your legitimate review
6. Click save

Franklin Goose has stated on both their blog and their facebook page that there has been such a great response to this promo that they are behind with approving the reviews. They stated that they are 3-4 days behind at this point. Once your review has been approved you will see the credit show up in your account. Once your credit posts you will see a box in your account details that will say "Store Credit". Please be patient, like I said it will take a few days for your credits to show. They are also offering an additional promo that if you decide to 'bank' your credits for 6 months you will earn an additional 10% and if you "bank" for a year you will earn 20%! They offer $5 flat rate shipping and you can even use your credit to pay for your shipping! I began writing reviews this past Friday and have not received my credits yet but I'm not concerned. Many people who began reviewing when this promo began have already received their shipments of products that they bought with their credit!

This offer expires March 31 2010. Please remember to be honest and to write legitimate reviews. They will be going through all the reviews and approving them. If you've used or own a lot of eco friendly baby products there will probably be lots for you to review! That means lots of credit which means lots of free product!

Here is was Franklin Goose said on their blog about why they are doing this promo...
"many people have asked why were are doing this. The answer is simple. We believe in our site. When we consider all the ways to let people know, we prefer to spend $500,000 on giving money to the people who need it in a creative way rather than to an ad agency for a series of magazine ads."


  1. Are you SURE they're going to pay out? the BG 3.0 alone has 660 reviews already!

  2. Pretty sure they're violating the MSRP's and sale policies of many of the brands they carry. They may not have any wholesale accounts left by the time people go to use their credits.

  3. I began writing my reviews on Friday and haven't been credited yet but from what I've read they are very behind. There are lots of people who started reviewing when this promotion began and have already received their credits and the product that the ordered with their credits. I can't ever say that any promo is 100% guaranteed. Some of the sales we've posted before have expired, some of the freebies have been pulled, and some of the company promos have been pulled early. I really hope this isn't too good to be true. I waited a few days to post this promo b/c I was also skeptical. I figured if people have already received the product they ordered it was worth a shot.

    Anonymous - How are they violating the MSRP's and sale policies? I'm not familiar with the terms. They aren't putting the items on sale and they aren't giving the items away. From what I understand they are taking the money that they would have put towards advertising and using it to give customers credits. They would then be paying for the product from their advertising money. However, I'm not a manufacturer and I don't have any wholesale accounts so please fill us in.

  4. Check out the comment thread for a blog post on this that the blog Organic Deals posted.


    It looks like some of her readers have received their credits as well as the purchases they have made with their credits.

    BTW, www.organicdeals.blogspot.com is a great blog!

  5. I think they meant well by doing the promo and had no idea how word would spread. I think at the moment they're trying to keep up and honor the credits but there is no way that they can give out $250,000 in free product. And that is not a realistic advertising budget. I think they're counting on people spending more than their credit but we all know that a lot of people are in it for the free stuff.

    I also think that it's sad. People are taking advantage of them. I even saw people on DS posting that they are now having their husbands and family members review stuff. Which probably means they're just signing up under other peoples names to review more and more. Also trying to justify how they can review stuff that they don't have, stuff they've seen or that a "friend" uses.

    I think the people who have gotten their items already are lucky but I don't think all will in the end.

  6. Anonymous - agreed, I don't think they had any idea what the response would be. My plan is that if I get all my credits I would like to use some to get some things for my baby girl arriving in May and I will spend extra too. I will then bank the rest of my credits. I agree that it is definitely sad that people are taking advantage of the offer. I hope that when Franklin Goose is reading and approving the reviews they will take that into consideration. Some of the 'reviews' clearly aren't reviews but just comments on products. With the reviews I wrote I was very thorough and wrote a review that I thought would be helpful to someone looking to buy the item. The kind of review I would be looking for. I guess not everyone is honest. For now I am remaining optimistic that they will follow through on this. I really am surprised that they didn't pull it. Most companies would have. Hopefully that shows their honest business practice.