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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

I purchased the legendary Sophie the Giraffe teether by Vulli just after my son started teething several months ago. Made of natural rubber and food quality paint, you can rest assured this teether is something you won’t mind your child slobbering and gnawing on. Sophie is extremely lightweight and easy to hold for even the littlest of babes and offers lots of desirable areas to chew on- my son’s favorites are the ears and horns. I never quite understood the bulky rattles and teethers out there as infants have such little hands; they need something just their size and Sophie fits the bill. The legs and neck are the perfect ‘handles’ for babies to grab on to as they are long and slender. When you squeeze the body of the giraffe she lets out the sweetest little squeak.

Aside from being beyond adorable, Sophie boasts stimulating all of baby’s senses:
Sight: the contrasting off white body with darker giraffe pattern
Hearing: the adorable squeak
Taste: Made of natural rubber, she has a unique taste that baby will love to mouth
Touch: The natural rubber is a really a unique feel- it is not like a typical plastic or silicone, it has a soft-touch feel to it, almost skin like.
Smell: Again, thanks to the natural rubber, Sophie has a scent that is definitely different from baby’s other toys.
Touch: She is easy to grasp in many different ways with a unique texture.

You may be wondering why this teether isn’t in every mom’s diaper bag... Well, I will venture a guess that it is the price tag. Typically retailing for $20 (even on ebay, a ‘deal’ is hard to find), she is quite a pricey little toy for your little one. Trust me, you’ll watch it like a hawk when you’re out! Despite the hefty price tag, Sophie the Giraffe is 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea Tree and made by hand in the same 14 step manual process used when they began production in 1961. She is definitely something special and I would recommend her to any mama out there looking for the perfect, extra-special teething toy!

Sophie is pictured above with her pals at the Denver Zoo!

1 comment:

  1. I've been wanting one of these for my daughter for awhile, but $20 just seems like too much for a teething toy she'll probably lose! :(

    At $13 I'm going to give it a try - but I'll use my swagbucks gift cards!