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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mama Bargains

Fellow Greenie, Jackie, introduced me to MamaBargains.com and now I am totally hooked! I should clarify that when I say, “hooked” I actually mean that I may be in need of an intervention soon. I was a little hesitant to share this site with you. Not because it isn’t totally fantastic but because I don’t want to compete with you for these great deals. Mamabargains is “the original one deal at a time website just for anyone interested in buying top notch parent, baby and kid items at the best prices you will find anywhere”. Seriously, AWESOME prices! They sell everything from strollers, diaper bags, clothes, toys, anything is possible! Of course I am a total sucker for any organic items they feature. All items are AT LEAST 50% off. The site only features one item at a time and when that item is sold out the next item appears. On occasion Jackie and I have even texted each other if a great deal was up! We constantly refresh our screens and Jackie has even admitted to refreshing in the middle of the night on her way to the bathroom! Items sell out fast so it’s best to snag the deal when it’s available because it may not appear again. However, if an item is popular MamaBargains will try to secure more inventory for their followers. Another feature that I LOVE about the site it the comradery. I know that may sound strange but there is a great forum on the site with loyal followers. People discuss products, leave reviews, and can request items. MamaBargain staffers even respond to many of the forum posts! I love that if I see an item up for sale I can post in the forum and ask for feedback, insight, and reviews. If I am hesitating on a purchase this helps me decide. Of course, the forum usually convinces my to buy the item but that is primarily because MamaBargains offers top quality things. I have been so pleased with all my purchases so far. This is also a great way to stock up on gifts at great prices throughout the year. Buying gifts throughout the year rather than at holiday time is easier on the wallet because I avoid that huge bill that shows up right after the holidays. It also is so convenient to have gifts on hand for birthdays, showers, or anything unexpected. Check it out, I know this will become your new hobby too!


  1. I am completely addicted to MamaBargains too, and I've been frantically refreshing lately in the hopes that the Grobags will come back. Everyone I know raves about them.

    Have you all see www.babysteals.com? It's similar, but they only have one deal a day and when it's gone, it's gone. I find that they have really high-end stuff and their deals go really fast, but everything is super cute.

  2. Alison - I also am hoping to see the Grobags soon too. I am guessing that they will be featured again before the fall! I am also a stalker of babysteals.com AND greenbabybargains.com. I am sure we will do a review of greenbabybargains in the future but ALL of the items they feature have some type of "green" factor to them. They are also a ONE deal a day site. Did you know that babysteals and mamabargains don't compete with one another. So, we should never see the same item on both sites.

  3. oooh, I didn't know about greenbabybargains.com! Thanks for the info!